Multi-Factor Biometrics VPN Security.

1. Advanced Biometrics Factor

The latest in pattern recognition using non-minutiae matching algorithms. Ensures only the true account owner is allowed access.

2. User and Device Factors

Access is granted only through registered devices at the time it is explicitly sent from the device owner, otherwise VPN credentials are denied.

VPN Security Solution


VPNVerify improves the security of existing VPN systems with additional multi-factor authentication including biometrics. VPNVerify works with existing SSL VPN provider systems and their security capabilities. VPNVerify provides additional protection against compromised login credentials and unauthorized access.

User registration and normal access is quick and easy. A user or employee can register a new device and their biometric profile in less than a minute or two. Once registered, users can access their VPN in one click. They need only take a photo of their verification pattern and VPNVerify will log into the VPN client automatically.

The latest in pattern recognition using non-minutiae matching algorithms. This ensures only the true account owner is allowed access. Extremely accurate user verification is the result of the pattern algorithms used which result in lower false acceptance and false rejection rates than other systems.

VPNVerify shows you where users are accessing your VPN from. Visual and geographic tools help you manage user access. VPNVerify can alert you when users attempt to access VPN from outside of specific territories.

VPNVerify installs easily into your existing enterprise without the need to remove or replace existing security configuration for your SSL VPN provider system such as Pulse Secure. Administrators can manage users and devices with our VPNVerify Admin console. No need to provision users to a new system, VPNVerify integrates with existing VPN Authentication Servers including Active Directory.

VPNVerify runs anywhere you connect to your VPN including Windows Operating Systems and all major mobile devices including iOS and Android.

Administration and Monitoring

Employee VPN Security

Improved VPN security including enterprise management tools.

Prevention and Monitoring

VPNVerify stops attacks before they happen and provides monitoring of employee access activity.


ESRI Emerging Business Partner
Esri, based in Redlands, California, is the global leader in GIS modeling and mapping software. Its software is used by more than 350,000 organizations worldwide, including all 50 US state health departments, most forestry companies and more than 24,000 state and local governments.
Pulse Secure Technology Partner
Pulse Secure is a leading provider of secure access and mobile security solutions to both enterprises and service providers. VPNVerify's palm biometrics and geofencing multi-factor technology is compatible with the Pulse Secure.

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